Small Group Notes

Small Group Notes for 19th September

John's Gospel - God is Doing a New Thing

God Our Counsellor

To note: The sermon is in the Sunday’s service video available via our website and is summarised in the Paper version of the Service produced for those off-line, but also available to view on our website.

Read: John 14:15-31


Before you begin, spend a little time thinking about ‘goodness’; what does it mean?

Read the passage and then remind yourself what the apostle Paul says about the fruit of the Spirit - Galatians 5:22-23.  How might that ‘fruit’ nourish God’s Creation, bring ‘fullness’ of life?

Think of someone who knows you, someone you care for or care about. Which ‘fruit’ of the Spirit do you bring to your relationship; which ‘fruit’ do they bring – and what difference do they make to both of you?

How do you understand the place and purpose of the Holy Spirit?

How did the coming of the Holy Spirit affect the behavior of Jesus’ disciples?

How important is your life to Creation; are you conscious of its impact on the world?

How difficult is it to accept that our lives have meaning and purpose for the world?