Small Group Notes

Small Group notes for 19th January

Gifted | Building God's House

Paul says we must make every effort to keep the ‘unity of the Spirit’. Can we keep it if we do not recognise what it is? What are the ‘every-day’ signs that the Spirit is working within us? How do you find yourself responding to the needs of others? To what extent does what you see call you to action?

Paul argues that we are all ligaments of a body – required to lend their strength. And it follows that the body is weaker if we withhold ourselves from it. What is the body he is talking about; does it include everybody? How should we apply that argument to the community of church?

He contends that our giftings – our individual capacities and talents – have equipped us ‘for works of service’ that will build the body and enable it to attain full unity in Christ. Why do we find it hard to understand ourselves in those terms? People do work for good in their own strength ‘outside the body’ but Paul indicates that is not the way to contribute to unity; why is that?

In Matthew’s reading Jesus tells his followers not to ‘insure themselves’ against difficulty as they engage in the work of bringing unity ‘for the worker is worth his (her) keep’. How should we understand that promise? Do you have experience of help coming from an unexpected place?

This week’s sermon builds upon last week’s - the struggle we have to see our gifting as of value to God and of central importance to the health and wholeness of God’s people.

In the coming week continue praying for confidence to commit yourself to the ‘Kingdom’ values you have come to believe in and to share your strength in belief with others.