Small Group Notes

Small Group notes for 16th February

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Matthew 25:14-30

What do you think of as ‘Talents’? What comes to mind when you hear this parable? Money? Something solid, of value? An investment?

Do you ever think of the talents as God’s investment in his people? And if so – what might that investment be?

Why is there anger against the one who buried his talent? It’s not that he lost his investment. Did he fail?

‘You are a hard man’. Do you think of God as a hard man, the ‘big stick in the sky’, only interested in success, not failure? Contrast this ‘hard man’ with our Lord who hung on a cross, showing the love of God. Indeed, did Jesus ‘fail’? (Look also at Mark 6: 5)

The focus of this parable is the third servant, because he didn’t try. And why not? Fear.

Fear can masquerade as failure, as embarrassment, as caution, we can play at being wise to divert from fear, and we often hide behind money, financial concerns or whatever, as reasons not to try.

What are your ‘excuses’ for not trying?

The talent (investment) we’re given is to declare God’s command such as we see in Matthew 10: 8 – to live out Kingdom values – and the Great Commission. What stops you from trying to live out this command?

At Pentecost tongues of fire rested on all who gathered. They were filled with the fire of the Spirit, and began to declare the word of God boldly. They couldn’t contain it.

Lord, take away my fear. Fill me with the power of your Holy Spirit. What do you want me to try? To try again?