Small Group Notes

Small Group notes for 17th November

Stories of the King | Owning

Read Matthew 21 v 33-46

You might also like to read Luke 12 v 1-12 and Mark 12 v 9-19


Jesus is in Jerusalem on the run up to the Passover and he knows what he is faced with. As we look at his actions can we say how he was feeling and how this influenced his actions?


Why do you think the tenants behaved the way they did? Did none of them think ‘This is wrong’


Think about the prophets you read about in the OT. What do you know about their lives and how they were treated when they brought the word of God to the people, in particular the leaders in society? How do you think you would respond if you believe God was asking you to speak his words to those in authority?


What do you think the ‘wretched end’ was? What fate befell these bad tenants?


Share your thoughts about being the new people of God along with those Jews (the disciples were all Jews) who followed Jesus


How are we (are you) being faithful to our God?


How do you feel when you are faced with the list of the Fruit of the Spirit? Pray that you would show this fruit in all your relationships. Not simply to those you like.