Small Group Notes

Small Group Notes for 5th December 2021

John's Gospel - God is Doing a New Thing

God Approves Us

To note: The sermon is in the Sunday’s service video available via our website and is summarised in the Paper version of the Service produced for those off-line, but also available to view on our website.

Read and Reflect: John 21:1-25


  • Peter is not sure what to do, so he returns to what he knows and goes fishing – but he discovers that Jesus knows more about fish than him!
    • When are we drawn to trust our own skill, strength, and gift, forgetting that God is the giver and more gifted than us?
    • How can we encourage each other to further faith and reliance upon God?
  • Jesus invites into relationship: ‘come and have breakfast’ (see also Revelation 3:20).
    • How do we receive Jesus’ constant invitation?
    • How can we participate with Jesus and invite others into this relationship? Perhaps start with thinking about hospitality and food.
      • Are there actions we can take as a group?
  • Jesus deals so kindly with Peter. From his place of failure, with guilt, shame and fear, Jesus forgives, restores, and recommissions him (see also Romans 8:1).
    • Are there things in our lives that we need to turn away from (repent), allow Jesus to forgive us of, and move on from?
    • How can we encourage each other to step into the freedom and ministry Jesus offers?
    • Peter asks Jesus about the ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’, who is almost certainly John. When are we tempted to compare ourselves to others and how can we encourage each other to be the individuals God wants us to be?