Our 2023 APCM will take place on 2nd May, at 7.30pm in the church.

Our Accounts

Our accounts and annual report are available to view here.


During the meeting we will need to elect churchwardens (elected each year) and PCC members, and Deanery Synod members, where there are vacancies (PCC and deanery synod members usually serve terms of 3 years).

If you would like to stand for election, you will need a member of the electoral roll to propose you and you will need another member of the roll to second that proposal. Nomination sheets will be available in the church from 18th  April.

Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is now in it's revision period.

If you are already listed on the electoral roll, you do not need to reapply, but we would ask you to check your details (a hardcopy is available in the church office, or you may email your details to Matt in the office (cogsoffice@gmail.com) who can check them against our records).

Anyone wishing to join the electoral roll may do so, either by 17th April or after the APCM. We generally collect name, address, telephone number and email address of roll members. Please use one of these forms. Printed copies are available at church.


As well as the electoral roll, we also produce a directory. This is an opt-in list, for those in the church who are willing to have their contact details made available to those who have also chosen to be included on the list.

We ask people to opt in to the directory each year.

If you wish to be included in the directory, you will need to let Matt know, either by indicating on the electoral roll sheets in church or by email: cogsoffice@gmail.com


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