Our Celebration of our year, which incorporates our APCM, will take place on 30th April at 7.30pm.

There will be opportunity to give thanks and worship God for what he has done for us over the past year, and to pray for the future of the church.  Reports will be made by Howard and our interim treasurer, David Craigen

We anticipate a great evening of celebration and excitement as we think about how God has blessed our church so far and as we think about what he has in store for us.  We would be delighted to have you join us for the evening.  Those who are on our electoral roll will be able to vote for churchwardens and members of the PCC.

If you have a question you would like discussed, please submit it in advance to Howard or our warden, Lynn.


We Seek a New churchwarden:

In COGS our two wardens are released to work alongside the vicar to ensure we are moving forwards in Responding to God’s Love.

The churchwardens are the most senior officers in a parish church. The wardens are members of the PCC and they have a legal responsibility for the building, property and the running of services but these tasks are delegated to the building team, our caretaker, and the service wardens.

Currently our wardens meet weekly with the Howard, for up an hour, to pray and to discuss where decisions on any immediate business need to be made.

If you would be interested talk to Howard, Lynn, or any member of our PCC. There is a fuller job description here.

We Seek Three New PCC Members:

Our PCC is our formal leadership and is responsible for the good governance of our church, including, the employment of staff and our finances. We meet around 7 times a year including a joint half-day retreat with our lay and employed staff team.

If you would be interested talk to Howard, Lynn, or any member of our PCC.


Our Accounts

Our accounts are available to view here.