In-Church Services

From Sunday 25th July 2021 there are changes to our in-church services

A letter from Howard about the changes can be found here.

Online church is now a live-stream of our 9.30am service. Our paper service will be continued


Taking place in the building...

8 o’clock communion service

In a style much the same as our pre-pandemic 8am services; simple liturgy, no singing. Communion will be distributed individually and by intinction (dipping) to minimise risk of infection. Hand sanitisation and the wearing of face masks will be encourages and the typically smaller congregation size will allow for a natural social distance.


9.30am Service

We ask you to respect distance such as other people wish to maintain. We also encourage hand santisation and wearing of face masks. We are now singing with live music and there is kids church provision. Communion is taking place at the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.