Small Group Notes

Small Group Notes for 14th April 2024

Being God's People, God's Church...

In Partnership

N.B. The sermon can be heard via our website and YouTube channel or read in the paper service, also on our website.

Read and Reflect: Philippians 1:1-6 (reading the whole letter would be great! It would take 10-15 minutes to do this out loud), John 15:9-17, and Acts 16:6-17.


  1. What are the standout things for you – whether in the Acts context, the first few verses of this letter, or if you read it, the whole letter?
  2. We are identified as holy people (saints) – what does daily holiness look like?
    1. And how do we avoid our culture’s stereotype of holiness as boring or irrelevant?
  3. What good partnerships have you seen/experienced? What were the characteristics and values, that made them flourish.
    1. How can we develop a good partnership, as one church across our two buildings and six congregations?
    2. How can you play your part in this?
    3. What does God ask of us individually and as a family?
  4. God will complete what he has started. What testimonies do we have of this?
    1. How could we claim this promises for our church going forwards?
    2. And ‘how’ for ourselves for this the coming weeks and months?
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