Small Group Notes

Small Group notes for 21st April

Jesus’ Alive | Easter

Read Luke 24.1-12.

Reflect through the whole Easter story. There have probably been times in our lives when we have been like all the characters. For example: felt abandoned by a leader (the crowd and the disciples), been anxious for justice but more anxious about our own appearance (Pilate), been swept along by public opinion without checking the truth or morality (the crowd), been picked on by others, especially when not even our fault (Jesus).

- What other characters can you identify? And which do you identify with?

- Take time to talk to God about how you feel about your character today.


The cross marks the end of Jesus earthy life, and at this end things look bleak. This life and world are at times bleak, whether it’s global issues of war, famine and environmental destruction, or personal issues of health, money, relationships or death. The resurrection re-frames everything. There are signs of hope and life around us in creation, relationships and even death, that bring hope and in turn love and joy.

Read Philippians 3:7 to 4:9

- Notice how different this passage would have been, without a resurrection! What strikes you?

- Where have you experienced resurrection power in your life?

- Where do you need resurrection power in your life?

- Pray for each other.

- Who will you meet this week who needs God resurrection power?

- Pray for them now and pray that you might have the words to say to anyone you meet this week who needs God’s grace, hope and life, including the courage where appropriate to offer to pray for them there and then.