Small Group Notes

Small Group Notes - How to Live a Life

Bless (17th February)

Read 1 Peter 3:8-22.
Discuss your initial reactions to the words in the passage. 

When was the last time you were at a christening or baptism? What was it like? What does christening or baptism mean to you? 

Make a list of the ways Peter tells Christians to conduct themselves. How good is his advice? Does it make a difference to you that Peter is giving it? 

Share stories of when you were last blessed by someone else.

Share stories of when you tried to bless someone. Was it easy or was it more an act of obedience?

What motivates you to bless others?

Have you any stories of how you have struggled to keep a clear conscience? Why was it important to you to keep a clear conscience? Where was God in this? 

Peter is writing this letter to Christians who are dispersed around the Roman empire in Turkey. They are facing isolation and persecution. How are modern Christians facing trials and suffering? Where is God in this?

Peter tells the reader not to fear. How do we fear suffering for doing what is right in God’s eyes?  

What encouragement do you draw from Peter’s assurance that all authorities and powers are subject to Christ (v.22)?

How and where can you be eager to bless this week?