Small Group Notes

Small Group Notes - To fulfil our vision, our mission and become like Jesus, we are aiming to be a God-Focused people full of: Grace, Joy, Hope, and Generosity

Full of Generosity (7th October)

Harvest is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate and rejoice in the bounty of God, as well as a space to reflect on how we use that with which He has blessed us. We should be encouraged to use this celebration to consider not only what we should give, but also why. What should be the wellspring of our giving?

1) Share and celebrate with one another God's blessings on you, our Church and society. What are you thankful for?

The rich young rule comes to Christ to ask for direction in achieving eternal life. In his question he reveals two fallacies regarding giving - firstly, that our possessions are our own and secondly, that through them we can in some way earn grace.

2) What are the potential consequences of these attitudes towards our possessions and in turn, how we give?

Look at the challenge given by Jesus to the rich young ruler - go, sell, give, follow - and the rich young ruler's response.

3) What are the challenges that (a) you as an individual, (b) we as COGS and (c) as the Christian Church face when considering giving?

Paul reminds us though that in giving we transform - we are transformed more into the likeness of Christ as we help in the transformation and blessing of others around us!

4) What areas of our church, community and / or society could be transformed for Christ through our giving? Think, discuss and pray for insight and opportunities to pray.