Cell Notes

Cell Notes - Responding to God's Love & Who Cares?

Who Cares and values me? - 24th September

As a start to your private study, just reflect for a moment on the notion of ‘Pride’. What thoughts and feelings do you have when you read that word, and dwell on it? What bible verses come to mind? You might like to jot a few down on a piece of paper.

Now read Galatians 6:4 – what is this saying about pride, is it like any of the notes you wrote down, is it what you expected or different? What might this verse add to your understanding of ‘Pride’ and the sin of pride?

Our topic this week is actually self-esteem, and our self-esteem is something that can suffer if we take too severe and restrictive view of what the sin of pride might be.

How would you feel if I suggested that the sin of pride is having too over-inflated view of ourselves, low self-esteem is not having a sufficiently-inflated view of ourselves?

The Galatians verse seems to me to suggest that our self-esteem  (or appropriate-pride in ourselves)  is at risk from comparing ourselves to others – again make a quick list of the things and people in the world people might compare themselves to, find themselves falling short, and  therefore not thinking appropriately highly of themselves. Tick off any that might apply particularly to you!

Read Jeremiah 1:4-9. What is Jeremiah’s view of himself? But what is God’s view of Jeremiah? Whose view do you think is right?

The route out of low self-esteem (like the route out of excessive pride) is the take God’s view of us – not a flawed view we might have developed of ourselves.

The challenge we face every day is to find a way to take a view closer to God’s view, and allow that view to become our view, not use a flawed view we might have developed by comparing ourselves to others, and somehow believe that that is God’s view of us!