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Cell Notes - Free From

free from Expectations (25th March)

John 12:12-18       John 18:28-19:6a

We can have expectations of Jesus. These might be mistaken. We can expect Jesus to fix all our ills, answering all our prayers with a ‘yes’. Or they can be, sometimes because of our disappoints in prayer, that Jesus will do nothing.  We may think that, I have a ticket to heaven, but surely there is not much else, I just get on with my life.

- What are the expectations of the crowd, the Pharisees and Pilate in the passages we’ve read?

- What are the mistaken expectations that we can fall into.

- What expectations does Jesus want us to have of him for our lives?


We can have low or high expectations of others. Through our Romans series we have heard several times about love towards others. (See Romans 8, 12:9-21 and 13:8-14)

- What expectations of others is it appropriate to hold?

- How can we further learn to love others and avoid too high or too low and expectation of them?


Our expectations of ourselves can also be mistaken.

- What expectations does Jesus have of us?

- What expectations is it reasonable to have of ourselves?


Pray for those suffering from the burden of others’ expectations of them and of their own expectations of themselves.

Pray that we might loving, not expecting too much, or too little from others.