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Cell Notes - Called-Up, Equipped & Deployed

Jesus and the Future - 23rd July

Read Mark 13

This is our final sermon in this series.

  • Looking back through the series (have a look at the series card for a  reminder of titles, or read through Mark’s Gospel) what have you learned and what do you want to keep applying?
    • Are there ways we can help each other in growing? (See Hebrews 10:24-25)


One of the stones remaining in position from Herod’s temple is 42ft x 11ft x 14ft. According to the Roman historian Josephus there were larger ones but amid rumours of hidden treasure, the Romans turned the whole temple over searching. To the disciples and other Jews, the temple provided solidity and certainty, it was in their view unassailable.

  • What are the ‘unassailable’ things of our age and how will they stand up to the return and judgement of Christ?
  • Where are we challenged about what we are depending upon? (See Matthew 7:24-27 and Psalm 46:1-3)


This passage looks towards the future. It is of no doubt that Jesus is speaking about the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in AD70. However, it also refers to the future to come when Christ will return. Notice how many times Jesus says, ‘watch’, ‘be on your guard’, or ‘be alert’.

  • How expectant are we of the return of Christ and what emotions does it evoke?
  • How can we be sure to be watchful, keeping our focus on Jesus and making him the object of our attention?