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We are currently running a new course for MEN ONLY which started in September 2018 on Wednesday evenings in church, led by Roger Buckley & Nigel Pink.


The discipleship course has been completely revised & updated, the teaching is by Steve Goss, Nancy Maldonado and Daryl Fitzgerald, in 10 sessions plus the “prayer response” component known as the Steps to Freedom In Christ.
It’s an interactive course with a specially designed App to accompany the course, extra Teaching Films, and Worship Songs by Testricity. 


The course focuses on firstly establishing every Christian in the sure foundation of their identity in Jesus, it then gives the tools to break free and stay free from all that holds them back, and a strategy for ongoing transformation (renewing of the mind).


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The Steps To Freedom In Christ is a gentle process which helps us get free from things such as condemning thoughts, patterns of wrong behaviour, spiritual struggles, unforgiveness and hopelessness.


There is a brochure (click to download) with more information in church.  The group would be limited in numbers.  Invites are available with the all dates and the Church website Calendar also shows the dates.



If you're interested in being involved in a course in the New Year, please let us know and indicate which day or time may be best.

Contact     Roger and Colette Buckley – 01420 590089


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